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Local Economy

We need to do all we can to help support the businesses in Northern Colorado. Our local economy will flourish, thrive, and succeed when we are creative and innovative with the way we think, market, sell, and produce. Struggling businesses need to be encouraged to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing economic landscape. Our local government needs to assist in this evolution with incentives, and programs that help our determined, local business owners. We need a system that works efficiently and effectively to help grow our economy in Colorado.


Our unemployment rate has dropped, but it is still not good enough. As long as we have people that are looking for work we need to be working along side them to help them find a job. We need to assist in job creation by giving businesses and owners confidence that they can hire for the future. Most businesses are staffing for the economy today and not for the economy tomorrow. We have been shy, for good reason, to invest in the business for the future because of the mistakes in the past. We need to persevere and help rebuild the economy with new jobs. Creativity, innovation, strategic planning, and hard work will help to continue this economic recovery period.


I think we live in the most beautiful part of the front range. We have access to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Poudre River, and numerous lakes and reservoirs. Most residents love the outdoors and want to continue having the ammenities that are conducive to recreation, hunting, fishing, rafting, and biking. While preserving these treasures and key economic drivers we also need to have a commitment to conserving on a individual level. Together we can take the right steps to continue to enjoy the outdoors and pass them along to our children in the best shape possible. We also need to strive for clean air and clean water to ensure the public's health and safety. This is a right for all residents in our community.


We always need to hire the best and brightest teachers and educators to run our classrooms. Adequate funding of our schools should not be looked at as an expense item on a budget, but as an investment in our future. Educating our children and residents is not luxury or a priviledge, it is a responsibility and right. As parents we also need to be involved in our children's education and learning. Parent involvement and support is a critical path to the success of education. Teachers can not do it alone, parents can not do it alone, it takes a community and a commitment to invest in the education of future generations.

Our issues in rural Northern Colorado are not red or blue…they don’t affect just independents, republicans, or democrats…they impact us all. Solutions need to be brainstormed and collaborated on from all people…we need to seek out the facts, gain perspective, draft a plan and attack the issue (not the other party, or each other). Most breakthroughs will happen when we work together and the best ideas come from bipartisan groups not partisan individuals. -James Shelton, Candidate for House District 49